Minecraft Dungeons Addon


Minecraft Dungeons Addon

This Add on replicates as best as possible the behaviors, designs and animations of the exclusive entities in Minecraft Dungeons for Minecraft Bedrock 1.16 . 

Are you ready to have the Minecraft Dungeon mobs in Minecraft Bedrock

Redstone Monstrosity

Spawns spawn and attacks like an Iron Golem, spawn chance depends on game difficulty

Life: 300

Damage: 8-24


 It appears mostly at night and its objective is to follow Creepers, Zombies, Husks and Spiders to make them stronger against the player, the entity only reveals itself against the player if it is hit by it.

Life: 30

Damage: 3-4

Enchanted Mobs

They do almost exactly the same as ordinary mobs, with the exception that they don’t get burned in sunlight and both their attacks and their lives have twice as much


It appears at night, unlike the Minecraft Dungeons Wraith this does not make fire appear in the player since the functions do not go well in these versions. Like the Enderman, it can teleport but at a very low range, it may troll you by reappearing behind your back immediately, it also comes and dies after daylight.

Life: 30

Damage: 6


Due to the current limits of Minecraft Bedrock, it cannot summon enemies but it is expected to be added this feature in the next update, for now it runs fast and attacks fast as a baby Zombie

Life: 60

Damage: 2

Piggy Bank

It is a bulging-eyed pig that has been carrying a chest with emeralds, it appears in a world at dawn and dusk due to its spawning filters with the right light level, it works like an ordinary pig and this one can reproduce with common pigs, this when hit by the player its escape speed is higher than that of a common pig, its chest works as a “passenger * and when killing the pig the chest works like an ordinary chest, with storage slots

Life: 20

Damage: 0

Minecraft Dungeons Loot Chests:

They are entities that must be placed manually in worlds with Creative Mode except the Gold Chest that said Piggy Bank carries

Life: 3

Damage: 0



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